Who are BBX UK?

BBX works along side your existing bank account and doesn’t replace your cash business but gives you additional revenue by selling your spare capacity within the BBX community.

An issue every business experiences.....

Businesses in the UK are losing HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of pounds EACH YEAR in lost revenue through “SPARE CAPACITY”.

For clarification Spare Capacity is the unsold potential that a business has (empty hotel rooms, unsold theatre tickets, unbooked appointment slots, empty mechanics ramps, under used staff or idle machinery and slow moving goods) – this list is endless!

If a company does not use their capacity it generally loses its value forever as you cannot sell today’s empty room tomorrow or recapture the lost value in your staff lost hours.

Our mission…

Is to work in a proactive way to capture and monetise what otherwise would have been worthless spare capacity in a business.

We identify and show our clients how much spare capacity they have in their business – this is the ability to take on more customers without increasing fixed costs. Currently over 60% of businesses experience spare capacity on a regular basis costing hundreds of billions in lost revenue yearly.

Using our global trading platform we will sell spare capacity for BBX pounds and introduce new customers in the process.

We will help identify expenses in businesses that you currently don’t have a budget for and use the BBX pounds that have been earned to pay for the expenses.

Contact Details

Phone: 0333 400 2014

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