Who are Essentially Financial?

When taking a journey, we plot our route and work out how we’re going to get from A to B. Not just knowing where B is, but having clarity in when we want to reach our destination. What we can’t know is when and where we’re going to hit the congestion and more importantly how we’re going to navigate around it, indeed if at all.

That’s precisely what financial planning is. Establishing that route from A to B and knowing what we’re going to do when something presents itself to throw us off course.

Life is for living and to us, that's what counts.

Essentially Financial offers a comprehensive service to understand what you want to achieve by focusing on:

Planning Your Retirement

When you want to stop working and how much income you will need

Making Your Capital Work For You
Whether you're making the best use of your investments and savings

Preserving Your Estate

Who you want to protect and why

Evaluating Your Protection Needs

How much your family would need if you were no longer around or you suffered a serious illness/disability

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Tel: 020 3137 5398

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