The Investors Lever

Unlocking the Power of Partnership

Our Partnership can bring hidden value to your investments

Getting your money to work for you in today’s economic climate is tough because it is not always clear how to utilise your capital effectively. 

There are plenty of opportunities to be had, but it can often be difficult to spot them or put them into action. 

So if you have capital you want to grow more quickly, we can help…

Investor’s Lever offers a worry-free and risk-free opportunity to invest in the buying and selling of property. We have a fantastic track record for spotting opportunities and releasing value. We provide a unique opportunity for a much higher, quicker rate of return on your money than other forms of investment-guaranteed. The whole process is transparent and with no hidden costs or extras. We keep everything straightforward, clear and hassle-free. 

Property is usually seen as a long-term investment: a relatively secure, if unexciting, place to lock away your money.
That is not the Investor’s Lever model at all. We unearth opportunities that have not yet come to market, and use our knowledge of the planning system and the property sector to generate serious returns – quickly.

What we do isn’t rocket science. Neither is it high risk. We simply spot opportunities that others have missed or are too slow to move on – and exploit them.

And we don’t believe in locking money away when it could be generating higher returns elsewhere. We buy, add value and sell on.

Typically, an Investor’s Lever project will take between nine and 14 months to come to fruition – at the end of which your original investment is guaranteed to be returned, plus (typically) a 20 – 50% profit.

If what you have read so far sounds of interest, then we should meet and talk further. Simply email me, Michael Chittenden, at or phone 0845 467 5256

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